John Ford

Since gaining his Surf Certificate way back in 1979 John has up to this day, held several Office Bearer positions within the club. This has included but not limited to Executive positions, such as Club Captain and Club President up until his sad passing. During his tenure as President, he graciously accepted on behalf of our club, the award for south coast branch Club of the Year back in 2012. It is worth noting, this is the only time Kiama SLSC has won this award, being testament to John’s leadership. He has also represented our club in many other facets from liaising with governments, to local council. John has been the driving force behind club improvements and renovations, that we enjoy today.

It would be remiss of me not to mention his passion for rowing and what that has bought to our club. It has increased our membership over the years and recognised us as a strong club within the organisation. He has competed on many occasions at branch, country, state and a national level.

John’s biggest presence was on the beach patrolling, as well as supporting our nippers. He was an exceptional patrol member where his dedication to teaching others highlighted his passion for the club and future development. He was particularly well known amongst the nipper group for his regular visits each year as Santa.