At the Kiama SLSC Club House, our mission is to foster a vibrant and inclusive community where members can enjoy a safe, respectful, and enriching environment. To uphold these values and ensure the well-being of our community, we have established a set of rules and guidelines. These rules are designed not only to maintain order and cleanliness but also to promote a sense of responsibility and consideration among our members. By adhering to these rules, each member contributes to the creation of a positive and harmonious space where everyone can fully enjoy the facilities and activities offered by our club. Let us collectively uphold these standards, recognizing that our commitment to shared values enhances the overall experience for every individual within the Kiama SLSC community.

General rules

Zero Tolerance for Alcohol, Vapes, and Drugs

We have a zero alcohol policy in the downstairs area of the club house, and a zero vapes, and drugs policy anywhere in the club.

Anti-Bullying/Harassment Policy

To ensure a safe and respectful environment for all members, we have a zero tolerance policy for bullying and harassment within the club house premises. We encourage inclusive behaviour and mutual respect among members. Discrimination or exclusion based on race, gender, or any other factor is strictly prohibited.

Cleanliness Responsibility

Individuals signed into the club house are responsible for leaving the premises clean and orderly.

Tidiness of Equipment

Members must ensure that any equipment they use is left in a tidy and organised manner. This includes putting away gear and cleaning up after use.

Surf Equipment Maintenance

Surf equipment, after use, must be washed and properly stored to ensure its longevity and the safety of subsequent users.

Shower Time Limit

To conserve water resources and promote efficient use of our facilities, we would like members and their guests to have a maximum shower time of 3 minutes.

Gym Induction Requirement

Members utilising the gym must have completed a gym induction. This ensures that all individuals using the gym equipment are familiar with its proper use and safety guidelines.

Emergency Procedures

Ensure you are familiar with the evacuation route and assembly points. Ensure you are aware of the location of first aid kits and what to do in case of injuries, these will be pointed out to you on receipt of your fob.

Guest Policy

The Kiama SLSC Club House welcomes guests as an extension of our community. Members are encouraged to bring guests to share in the club’s activities and atmosphere.

Guests must be accompanied by a current club member who is responsible for their conduct and adherence to club rules. Members are limited to bringing a reasonable number of guests to avoid overcrowding.

The duration of a guest’s visit may be limited to ensure that club facilities are primarily enjoyed by members. 

The member who brings a guest is responsible for their guest’s behaviour and adherence to club rules. Members should ensure that their guests are aware of and follow the established guidelines.

Members under the age of 18 may not bring guests in without an adult member being present. Non-members are not permitted in the club house without the presence of adult members. This rule aims to ensure the safety and supervision of non-member individuals.

Noise Control

Members and guests are expected to maintain a noise level that respects the peace and comfort of others within the Kiama SLSC Club House.

Respect for Property

All members agree to respect club property and facilities. Any intentional damage or vandalism is strictly prohibited and will be dealt with seriously.

Environmental Responsibility

The Kiama SLSC Club House encourages environmentally responsible behaviour, such as recycling and proper waste disposal, to contribute to the sustainability of the club house. Please dispose of waste appropriately.

Junior-Specific Rules

Access Restriction

Juniors are allowed access to the club house until 5 pm in the evening. After this time, they must have adult supervision.