Active Members refer to our patrolling members and perform the important role of patrolling Surf Beach each season from end of September through to April each year.  

Patrol members posing on the beach next to the sand buggy

To be an active member and eligible to patrol you must:

  • Be over 15 years of age, and
  • Hold a current and proficient Award (either Surf Rescue Certificate or Bronze Medallion).

Active Members must ensure their Award is current.  Proficiency renewals will take place at the beginning of each season. Members will be notified via email of dates, and information will be available on this website.

The patrol roster will be also distributed to all patrol members at the beginning of each season.

Any changes will be emailed to members and posted via social media.

Keen to be involved but not confident in the water? Our club also need members who can support our patrol members in land-based roles such as Radio Operator or Drone Operators. Specific role based training will be provided through the club.

If you are interested in becoming an active member, please contact us to discuss further.

Important points for Active Members:

  • Remember IT is YOUR responsibility to arrange a substitute if you cannot make a patrol. YOU must make up the substitute hours on another patrol and competitors must arrange a substitute and complete make up hours to remain competition compliant.
  • Active members are required to complete 25 patrol hours (by 31 December) in order to be eligible to compete at carnivals
  • 100% patrolling awards will be granted to active members who:
    * Are rostered to a patrol for the complete patrolling season.
    * Attend all patrols in full.
    * Have no no-shows- if not able to make a patrol, the member arranges a
       substitute or swap to complete their patrol, and then patrols at another
       time to subsequently make up for the substituted hours.
  • Any member who achieves 5 years of consecutive 100% rostered patrol service will have their membership fees paid for by the Kiama SLSC and this will continue as long as the member in question maintains a 100% rostered patrol record.