Terry Ogle

Terry Ogle and his family moved to Kiama in early 1996 and immediately joined the Kiama SLSC. The family decided that to support their daughter Tegan while she was at Nippers, they would become more involved and hands on. To this end Terry decided to train to get his Bronze Medallion and obtained this in April 1997 and he has since achieved, along with only three other members 22 years of continuous 100% patrol attendance. As of today, Terry is still a patrolling member of the Club.

When he joined the Club in 1996, he readily took on the position of Junior Gear Steward and held this position until 2006. During this time, he also took on the role of junior water coordinator sharing the role with Ian Clifford.

Terry became a Club Trainer and commenced conducting Bronze Training and Surf Rescue Certificate training at the start of the 1997/98 season and performed this function until 2019/20. He also took on the role of Chief Training Officer in 2003/04 until 2009/10. Terry obtained his Assessor Accreditation in2004 and was one of the accredited Assessors for the club and conducted proficiencies from 2004 until 2019.

Terry joined the Board of Life Savers (South Coast) in 2004 and has been a Branch Examiner (Bronze, SRC, Advanced Resuscitation Techniques,) from the that time until 2019. He is still on the Board today.

  • Terry obtained his Silver Medallion in Advanced Emergency Care in 2006
  • He obtained his Silver Medallion Patrol captain in 2007 and was Patrol captain for a number of years.
  • Terry was Vice President in 2008/09
  • He was awarded, along with Ian Clifford, South Coast SLS Life Saver of the Year in 2003/04
  • He was awarded Kiama SLSC Clubman of the Year in 1998/99
  • He was awarded Kiama SLSC Outstanding Achievement Behind the Scenes award in 2003/04 and again in 2006/07
  • He was awarded Kiama SLSC Patrolman of the Year in 2013/14
  • In 2014 Terry was awarded the Australian SLS National Service Medal.

Terry is not only a patrolling member, but has always been a hard worker, particularly during the Jim Lymbry IRB carnivals, helping to set up the beach, tent and marshaling areas, but especially managing the BBQ for each weekend, also for Club Carnivals, Branch Carnivals and Country Carnivals. He took on water safety at each junior carnival and was rarely seen out of the water during each day.

Terry was heavily involved in the renovation of the Club prior to the 90th Anniversary celebration in 1998 and preparations for the 100th anniversary in 2008. In fact, just as an example, in 2008 Terry washed every plate, cup, saucer, knife and fork in the club ready for the anniversary dinner that had over 240 guests.

He also conducted a major review and update of the Club Constitution in 2008. Terry has heavily contributed to the success of the Kiama Surf Life Saving Club.