Since 1908, Kiama SLSC has used different badges and logos.


KSLSC logo

Date of adoption of this badge is unknown but is thought to be in the 1980’s. We thank Nick McInerney for helping us remember the clubs history by sharing the words below.

Elements of the logo and their significance:

Blowhole/Lighthouse. These represent an area that saw one of the biggest rescue missions our club has been involved in. It resulted in the death of 7 members of 1 family. This rescue mission saw a number of our members, and the club, receive national recognition from Surf Life Saving for the response and efforts in the rescue.

Reel. The reel has significance to the club in terms of its history in competition. Our club has State and Australian Champions in R&R and Belt competition.

IRB. The Inflatable Rescue Boat’s significance to the club comes from us having had a number of members sit on power craft committees that saw the introduction of IRBs to Surf Life Saving in NSW and Australia. Our club also held the annual Jim Lymbery IRB Classic, which was the biggest club-run IRB Carnival in Australia.

Jet Rescue Boat. Our club was one of two clubs in NSW to have a JRB, and potentially, the first which was owned, funded and operated by the Club. It also is iconic to the Kiama area, and has performed many rescue and life-saving missions over its existence.


First KSLSC logo

On 31 October 1929 Mr. Pilling moved that the Badge take the form of a lighthouse with the letters KSLSC on same. This was Kiama’s very first logo.

Late 40s – Early 50s

The origin of this badge is unknown but likely to be State issued and used across several clubs within the South Coast Branch.

It is noted that Shellharbour SLSC currently uses this badge as their logo.