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Summer Surf Training

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Kiama SLSC will be offering summer surf training for nippers, competitors & parents keen to do some fun exercise.

Monday16:15Kiama SLSCSwim & Board9+Stacks Teams App
Thursday16:15MinamurraBoard skills9+Stacks Teams App
Saturday8:00Kiama SLSCSwim, Board,
Beach, March past
9+Stacks Teams App
Friday16:30Kiama Downs9+KD Facebook

More details

  • Starts Saturday 9th Dec.
  • Yes it will go through the holidays!
  • Watch Stacks Teams App for changes to location (due to weather).
  • Welcome to join the KD Friday beach training.
  • You will be able to rent the Kiama boards for the summer.
  • Water Safety – we still need water safety numbers (1:5). Parents encouraged to join!
  • Any questions, email Dave on