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Presentation night 2022

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The Club recently held its Presentation Night. The Club congratulates all the winners, below is a little summary of their activities showing how deserving they are to receive these awards.

The winner of the Neil Brown Athlete of the Year Award – Imogen Moore

Imogen has been the only consistent high performer for Kiama SLSC at carnivals this season and 2022 has seen her achieve some of the best results of her career. This is despite the limits she faced with training, due to covid and a foot injury.

She competed at the NSW State Age Championships an took silver in the beach sprint and a very close 4th in flags. We hope to see these results continue…given she is only in the under 12s.

Team Performance of the Year – Surf Boat Academy

The winner of this year’s Team Performance of the Year Award goes to the Surf Boat Academy.

This was run Primarily by Phil Perry and Bec Hamilton who had a small but enthusiastic group of young lifesavers in toe.

The purpose of the Surf Boat Academy is not only to retain young people in the Surf Life Saving movement but also to provide an outlet for young people in Kiama to meet friends and stay healthy. Physically, and mentally.

Phil and Bec spent six weeks with a group of young people, teaching them to row and working with them in the gym. They taught them not only valuable lifesaving skills, but also created a tight knit group of friends.

As a result, Kiama gained a couple of new members and the kids are keen to get a rowing crew started as soon as they are old enough to obtain their bronze.

One of the biggest challenges we face as a club is retaining members and keeping young people interested in the club- and we hope to see this program expand and continue- because it is helping address exactly this issue.

Vince Hardman Award for Outstanding Work Behind the Scenes – Kurt Mansell

Kurt has been involved with our club for many years.

For several seasons now, they have been a highly regarded Age Manager. A number of kids in this age group have now achieved their SRC and or Bronze.

He is an active patrolling member and a wizard on the tools. He is always the first to put his hand up when repairs need to be done at the club and this has not gone unnoticed because we obviously cannot pay the same rates as the people he is building houses for. You don’t come across many people like this but we’re grateful we can claim him as one of our own.

The John Ford Patrol of the Year Award – Patrol 4

This is a patrol made up mostly of nipper parents, who also juggle their children’s commitments at the Club.

Their attendance is excellent and they have contributed to the club in multiple ways, including cleaning up the beach after this year’s flood events and sandbagging the club before they hit.

They provided water safety to the KISS arts festival.
But most importantly this patrol create an environment where people want to attend. One of the members on this patrol in their nomination said:

As a member of this club since I was 5 years old, my fondest memories are attending patrol with my dad and other parents and their kids. Swimming, learning beach skills, building ocean swimming confidence and being on a patrol board with my dad, feeling a sense of belonging and family unity. Our patrol has created this type of atmosphere and recreated similar memories I cherish.

Patrol 4 member

This is what our club is trying to embody, this is the kind of feeling we want all our members to go home with – for that reason, the Patrol of the Year this Year goes to Ben George and Patrol 4.

Kim Taber Woman of the Year Award – Kate Hollands

There were several outstanding nominations for this award, and choosing a winner was difficult.

This person is an active patrolling member, a Nipper Age Manager and the Kingfisher social media guru. Despite having a busy family life, this woman is always available to help at short notice. She has helped coordinate the youth boatie crews AND spent many hours going between SRC candidates and the trainers to ensure Bronze and SRC information was accurate and well distributed, through weeks of cancellations due to terrible weather. She has been a member of the club for many years, competing with the IRB crew in the 90s and early 2000s, and now bringing her own children through the nipper program.

Parkinson Family Award Youth Lifesaver of the Year – Lachlan Davidson

There was just one person nominated or this award, but there were many nominations that came in for this person.

This young man is highly involved in multiple areas of the club. He is in the process of becoming a qualified trainer, has stepped into the role of Patrol Captain mid-way through the season and is also highly involved in the SR50 call out team.

He has represented the club and South Coast branch during the floods, assisting the SES in the St Georges Basin multiple times this year.

In addition to this, he was also involved in a difficult rescue earlier this year, when a child with autism became stuck in a rip. The child’s father, who was from a non English speaking background and could not swim, also went in after him. Lachlan managed to rescue the father, while other members of the patrol rescued the child and provided first aid to both.

The Brian Jones Lifesaver of the Year Award – Dave Gorman

Dave could be a worthy recipient of almost any award, but had quite a few votes for this one.

This is a person with a near perfect patrolling record, but who also puts in countless hours outside patrolling hours to teach other people how to be better lifesavers. This person has done much of the training for Club members this year and has supported both SRC and Bronze courses.

He actually does this year in year out, with little thanks or recognition. He is a valuable member of his patrol, providing assistance with the IRB and first equipment in particular. He also provides a calm, level headed approach to all situations on the beach.

The Les Pepper Club Person of the year – Phil Perry

Again, many worthy nominations but there was one person whose contributions stand out.

Phil has dedicated so much of his time this season in multiple different roles. Firstly, he has been the club’s gear steward and assisted heavily in the maintenance of our IRBs. He has submitted a detailed report to every general committee meeting, spent countless hours in the IRB shed fixing things or organising for things to be fixed. He was successful in securing a grant for a new ATV and organised to have it delivered from Queensland. He also greatly assisted earlier on in the season with gear inspections.

Phil also assisted with the Surf Boat academy, teaching the next generation of surf lifesavers how to row boats and encouraging them to stay involved.

On top of this he has completed a whopping 105 hours of patrols this season, including a number of volunteer days where he stepped in to assist at short notice.