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2019/20 Nipper Awards

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On 14th March, on a wild and wet day on the surfclub deck, our nipper end of season presentation was held. It was a time to celebrate the end of a season and highlight the achievements of another outstanding year of nippers. Congratulations to all our award winners.

A special congratulation needs to go to our Kingfisher of the Year. This award is not just for achieving in the surf, but to go above and beyond within the club to show support and teamwork with their fellow Kingfisher peers. This year the award went to Max Laird!

All award winners for 2019/20 were:

Kingfisher of the Year – Max Laird

Wave of the Year – Max Laird

Over-all Carnival Champions: Imogen Moore (Female), Dalton Allen (Male)

Junior Carnival Person: Imogen Moore (Female), Dalten Allen (Male)

Senior Carnival Person: Soraya Philp-Rudd (Female), and Lincoln Moore (Male)

Carnival Encouragement – Zavier Phil-Rudd

Most Improved (Overall Nippers) – Dylan Hinchcliffe

U8’s Pointscore (Female): Olivia Gunning (Gold), Jade Pearce (Silver), Rubi Smith (Bronze)

U8’s Pointscore (Male): Hayden Bailey (Gold), Eddie Laird (Silver), Quade Nelson (Bronze)

U9’s Pointscore (Female): Hannah Griffin (Gold), Kiani Beauchamp (Silver), Jimmi Payne (Bronze)

U9’s Pointscore (Male): George Griffin (Gold), Leo Cottrell (Silver), Finnegan Burns (Bronze)

U9’s Encouragement Award – Adhm Magid

U10’s Pointscore (Female): Imogen Moore (Gold), Ellie Linsley (Silver), Poppy Nelson (Bronze)

U10’s Pointscore (Male): Louie Allen & Charlie Griffiths (Gold), Dalton Allen (Silver), Fin Smee (Bronze)

U10’s Encouragement Award – Ezekiel Maguire

U11’s Pointscore (Female): Charlotte Griffin (Gold), Tessa Henderson (Silver), Sage Laird (Bronze)

U11’s Pointscore (Male): Max Laird (Gold), Zach Marsden (Silver), Dylan Hinchcliffe (Bronze)

U11’s Encouragement Award – Ruby Walker

U12’s Pointscore (Female): Eva George (Gold), Soraye Philp-Rudd (Silver), Tess Mansell (Bronze)

U12’s Pointscore (Male): Max Allen (Gold), Zavier Philp-Rudd (Silver), Austin Dean (Bronze)

U12’s Encouragement Award – Hugh Dwyer

U13’s Pointscore (Female): Daisy Laird (Gold), Charlotte Payne (Silver), Molly Simpson (Bronze)

U13’s Pointscore (Male): Harry Eyding (Gold), Finn McLean-Jones (Silver), James Atkinson (Bronze)

U13’s Encouragement Award – Molly Simpson

U14’s Pointscore (Female): Jemma Taber (Gold)

U14’s Pointscore (Male): Harry Britten (Gold), Eli Pignataro (Silver)

U14’s Encouragement Award – Eli Pignataro